Missing resistor on all MKR WiFi 1010 boards - R26?

Hi - as a part of looking into setting the BQ24195L’s OTG pin high to enable 5V boost operation, I’ve been poking around the board.

I have two boards, and on both, R26 is completely absent.

Can anyone else confirm? Is there any way to get an official word on why that is / what that means? At the same time it would be great to hear about what the deal is with controlling the OTG pin on the power management IC, this seems potentially relevant?


R26 is populated on my MKR WiFi 1010. I don't have any idea of whether this component was deemed unnecessary and intentionally omitted to optimize the manufacturing costs, or whether your boards were incorrectly assembled.

If you investigate and determine the missing resistor is causing a problem, then I would recommend you to open an issue report here:

Although that is the repository that contains the Arduino IDE's code, its issue tracker also acts as a catch-all for issue reports that don't fit well with any of Arduino's other repositories. Since Arduino does not have public repositories for their hardware design files, which would be the logical place to report hardware issues, the arduino/Arduino repository's issue tracker will serve. That should get the attention of the people at Arduino who can answer your question.

kierenj's issue report about this: