Missing suffices from 'Tab Menu'

Help! My Arduino SDE 'Tab Menu' is missing the '.c' and '.h' suffices from its list entries. The list shows duplicate file entries both of which will only pull up the '.c' file. There is no way to edit the '.h' file. (I'm porting a multi-file application from another C environment.)

Thanks for any and all help, -chas-

This is a know issue that will be fixed in 0018.

More information: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1251245246 http://code.google.com/p/arduino/issues/detail?id=91

I don't, however, have trouble opening the .cpp or .h file when the tab is there. The open the respective files accordingly. So if you'd put the files in the sketch folder, you should be able to open them.

I DO have trouble opening any .h that does not appear in the tabs across the top tab bar. Both the .c & .h are present in the sketch’s directory but are listed as simply two identical entries in the ‘Tab Menu’ as & . Clicking on either of them only pulls up <file.c>.

I have deleted both entries via the "Tab Menu’=>‘Delete’ (the second of which does pull up the .h). Then I manually move copies of .<c,h> back into the sketch directory, and open the .h from the SDE sketch. This results in a new duplicate Arduino SDE window with 2 identical entries in the ‘Tab Menu’ neither of which will pull up the <file.h>.

Note: The visible tabs across top of the tab bar are properly labeled .c and .h. I have the sense that if I could scroll the tab bar to the right, I’d see the .h tab and would consequently be able to access it.

In case it’s relevant, my sketch comprises 13 .<c,h> pairs.

Thanks, qistoph!

What version (in the title bar of the Arduino IDE) are you using? And what operating system? (Windows/Linux/Mac)

Maybe, if you're not using Windows, like I am, the problem is operating system specific and someone who's using the same could help you out.

I'm running Arduino 0017 on Windows Vista 0017.

I’m sorry chasmopolitan. I misinterpreted your question.
I didn’t realize by “Tab Menu” you meant the dropdown.

And guess what, it’s not fixed in 0018 either. Not yet at least.

I’m afraid the only option for now is to use an alternative editor…
The Arduino IDE does have an option to monitor files edited in another editor. To enable this go to File → Preferences (Ctrl+comma) and check ‘Use external editor’.

I have taken the liberty of adding it to the issue list, including a solution.
However, you will have to download the source code, apply the solution and compile the IDE yourself to benefit from this right now.

Wow, that's service! Thanks, qistoph. 8-)

I notice that Arduino-18 still shows the problem. (I've been away for a while and was hoping that the new version would have corrected it, given that you suggested last time that compiling the Arduino source would correct it.)

Hi Chasmopolitan,

As said in my previous post, it's not fixed in 0018. You will have to download the source and compile yourself to include the patch.

I have added it to the issue list and provided a solution. As you can see dmellis has accepted the issue and put a label on it that tells you it's now a milestone for 0019. So good chance it'll be included in the next official release.