Mister pumps

I am trying to build an arduino controlled misting system, but I am not sure what pump I should use. Right now I am thinking of using an aquarium pump hooked up to a relay, but I am not sure if that is the simplest solution. I am hoping to use one pump to power several standard garden misting nozzles (8 - 12) so I think I need a relatively high pressure pump. Any ideas?

if you have access to water, ie copper, you could install a solenoid valvle. would maintain pressure, about 30psi i think most households. http://www.adafruit.com/products/996

if you go with brass you may need a dielectric union between it and copper, im not sure been years since i did stuff like this.

or even better, pvc http://www.adafruit.com/products/997

but a small pump should be fine for what your talking about, if your pumping from a bucket or something like that? you should have a fill valve also.

From doing some Googling, it seems like I am going to need a much higher pressure than 30 psi. In this thread, http://www.instructables.com/answers/Need-help-with-Aeroponics-misting-system-any-ideas/, people are saying that pressure > 100 psi will be needed.

i dont think house pressure goes that high, but just to run misters? sounds off, i used to build boiler rooms and we had to figure out pump sizes for industrial uses where water would travel 100's of feet, but i havent done the math in years. i think house pressure is 30-36psi, but google i could be wrong. but i wouldnt think you would need much more than that for misters. go to the supermarket and ask to see their setup, im sure they will show you, so what pressure their pushing.

I am using something like what they use in the grocery store and for reptile enclosures. The pump operates at about 70 - 85 psi.

Check out: Mistking.com

They have all kinds of stuff for this type of application at reasonable prices.



Aquatec 6800 or 8800 depending how many misters you want to run. I have a code already written for this type of setup.