Mistery USB Wifi module

Hello all,

At a local electronics store I bought a WiFi module using the USB protocol that they said was compatible with the Arduino.
I have been scouring the web but the only thing WiFi that I could find is the official WiFi shield, but that uses SPI.
It uses the Ralink RT3070L chip, has six pins (that annoyingly are of some smaller pin pitch so it will take some hacking to fit into breadboard :0) labeled
1.2V, VCC, D-, D+, GND, LED. Some pictures included.
I do have some expirence with serial comms but have never used USB before.
Here is the link to the product. http://www.okaphone.com/artikel.asp?id=472588it is in dutch, so use google translate if you wish.

Could anyone tell me how to connect it up to the Arduino and give me some sample code?


It's a USB device (VCC,D-,D+,and GND are the four USB pins). You'll probably need a USB Host Shield to talk to it. Then you'll need to write a driver to configure it, which will require some documentation for the chip.