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Probably not the place to ask about this, but to hell with it.

So my project uses an arduino and basically it replicates the ASDF keyboard strokes. I'm wondering if for App Inventor is it possible to replicate those keyboard strokes. The closest thing that I can see after an hour of going through the sidebar is the BUTTON component. But the BUTTON requires tapping on the screen, where else I'm searching something that enables keyboards as inputs.

This is the original question that I put on the MIT app inventor forum. I did some extra digging, and apparently for MIT there is no component that replicates the keyboard. Can anyone suggest where I go from here? Is there any other app inventor that provides keyboard strokes and bluetooth? I know should probably try Java or Python, but trying to find other options first.

Please help

What does this have to do with Arduinos or other microcontrollers?

where else I'm searching something that enables keyboards as inputs.

Perhaps if you rewrote this in English, we might begin to make sense of your question.

Some kids play with Lego, others with App Inventor. If you want to learn something about real electronics and microcontrollers, get an Arduino Starter Kit :slight_smile:

From the App Inventor website

MIT App Inventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone – even children – to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets.

Why would there be any requirement for input from a real keyboard?

What is the project you want to create?