Mitsubishi IR protocol

Hi all! I'm trying to create a project which allows me to control my mitsubishi AC (MSZ-HJ35VA) via internet, using a IR LED. The problem is understanding the IR protocol used by this AC. I read a topic about this problem and i think i'm near the solution, but i can't get the code to turn on the AC... Is there anyone who thinks he can help me? In that case i would post the programs so that we can discuss about them. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Almost all Mitsubishi AC units have a serial interface (connector CN105) and you can eventually connect the MAC-557IF-E to control them from internet...

Yes, but this specific model does not. I just bought one because I found it refurbished, and the model which supports the wireless adapter was a lot more expensive, and the adapter had to be bought as well.

I'm starting to look for a tutorial on how I can control the AC unit from the internet (I am a developer but with zero Arduino experience), and if the original poster has found a method to do it, I would be grateful for sharing.