MKR 1000 isn't detected on either Windows or Ubuntu

Device: MKR 1000
OS (tried it on multiple OSes): Windows 10, Windows XP, Ubuntu 16.04

Two yellow lights turns ON when it is connected via USB. On clicking the reset button, third orange lights blinks.

No luck in bringing the “Tools > Ports” enabled.

Not really enough information just yet.


Not all micro USB cables are the same. Some are CHARGE only as opposed to CHARGE AND SYNC which you need for the MKR1000.

Did you install the boards packages in the IDE ?

UNPLUG the MKR1000
SELECT "ARDUINO" from the first drop down
Now select "Arduino SAMD Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0) and install.
Wait until it completes then I find it is usually better to restart the IDE.
Re-connect the MKR1000.