MKR 1010 Can add to IOT Cloud


I'm trying to add the MKR 1010 to the arudino IOT Cloud and it keep failing while trying to upload a sketch. Then one time it made it part three adding securities and failed. I have tried

  1. update board through IDE.
  2. Install/remove/install the creator program.
  3. Enter in boot loader and tried to add board.
  4. run creator program as admin

I'm sure it gives you some beautiful error messages. Post them after changing (if not already set like this) the below.

In the IDE, file -> preferences, enable verbose output during upload and disable verbose output during compilation.

As in the question stated. Im not using the IDE as im trying to join it to the arduinio IOT Cloud....

OK, maybe a misunderstanding from my side. Upload refers (in my book) to loading code into the Arduino. If that is indeed where the problem is, I think that you're using Arduino Create to load your code and it should have the same options. If your problem is different, please describe in more detail.

Note that I have no experience with IoT cloud nor with Arduino Create so I might be totally on the wrong track in which case I apologise.

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