MKR 1010 + MKR ETH SHIELD are compatible?


Can someone confirm that the MKR ETH SHIELD card is compatible with MKR 1010?

It does not work properly with external power, powered by usb it works fine.


What is the external power source?

pert: What is the external power source?

A power supply of 5V 4A, applies 5V to the Vin input of the MKR board

Please post your sketch, using code tags (</> button on the toolbar).

I used the example sketch of the IDE, WebServer. The problem is not software. it's hardware I was in contact with Arduino support and they are investigating it. I would only like to know if someone works correctly with MKR 1010 + MKR ETH, with external power. regards

This part of the WebServer example sketch:

  while (!Serial) {
    ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only

will cause the program to hang until you open the serial port in Serial Monitor. If you don't have the USB cable connected, then how are you able to do that?

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that that instruction was suppressed

Does MKR 1010 + MKR ETH work properly for you?

I'm sorry for my English


Hi Nasero, MKR1010 + MKR Eth : The issue is on powering the MKR Eth. Indeed, the only power supply on MKR Eth pinout is +5V (see schematics : No VIN nor Vcc on board connection…) => Thus if you go with NO USB connection then you’ll have to power-up both mkr1010 & Mkr Eth in applying a 5 volts on +5V pin. Regards