MKR 1010 Unable to configure to IOT cloud

I got a brand new MKR 1010 and i am trying to connect it to the Iot Cloud every time i try i get this error on step 3:
We were not able to configure the Secure Element

Cannot set property 'c55a198e-356e-4a82-82ef-078568bdff0a' of undefined

I did update the firmware to 1.4.1
not sure what i am doing wrong ? Can someone help me please?

I have the same issue as well.

Consider. I have a ESP32 project I am working on. It does not work can anyone help me. Examine that statement. Does it provide you with enough information to lend to? Do you know which line of the code to change so that it will work properly? How do you know which line of code is bad? Why don't you know which line of code is in error?

So how do you expect me to know what's wrong with your code if I don't see the code?

I'm guessing, as you did not provide the failed code that your are having an issue with, setting up the certification files as C++ variables is a possible issue. You might find that line 299 is wrong but, again, without seeing the offending code... Your guess is as good as mine.

So read about how to post code and post your current not working properly formatted code in code tags.