MKR 1010 won't connect

my MKR 1010 will not connect. I get a solid green light when connecting to usb port, but I can't upload! please help.

I'm having the same issue with the MKR1010 WIFI. Tried Chrome and Safari on both browsers. Checked the USB connection. I'm able to upload sketches to the board but the IOT interface gives me an error "We could not find any board.". I'm on Mac running Catalina. I do not have the conductive foam connected to the back of the board :slight_smile:

Anyone having a simlilar issue? or a solution?


Having a similar issue with IoT and also in the Web Editor. There is a bit of a glitch getting the 1010 to just connect locally to the Mac as well.

Initially, I could only get the /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port listed.

I'm not sure if this step is required (I think it is) but I did download the CH340 drivers first: GitHub - adrianmihalko/ch340g-ch34g-ch34x-mac-os-x-driver: CH340G CH34G CH34X Mac OS X driver

Even after that I still got only the Bluetooth port until I plugged my MKR 1000 in and then presto, I had /dev/cu.usbmodem 14201 as a port. I unplugged the 1000 and plugged the 1010 in and the port stayed. I was then able to upload to the chip.

NOTE: I did this with the desktop IDE. The Web IDE/IoT will recognise the 1000 but not the 1010 so there's still an incompatibility in there somewhere. In fact, trying to register the 1010 device on IoT overwrote something and the LED stopped blinking altogether. I had to start over and upload from the desktop to the 1000 and then the 1010 to get the LED working again.

Hope that helps.


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