MKR 1300: problem of setup

Hello guys!

I just bought the Arduino MKR 1300, but despite several attempts, I could not make it work. In particular, within the IDE environment, it is not identified on a specific port (COM). So I do not understand if it is due to a driver installation error, or to a malfunction of the card, even though its LEDs light up regularly.

I installed, inside the card manager, the "Arduino SAMD Boards package (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0 +) version 1.6.17 " and selected MKR 1300 as type, but not a port is enabled for data loading. Among other things, the card is not even recognized among the devices connected to the system (in the peripheral management). I've also tried with other USB and PC ports, but nothing!

Can you help me?? : :)

Hi @eureka86,

Have you tried to quickly double tap the reset button while it’s plugged in?