MKR 1310 and M5STACK Lora RF95

I have been trying to connect a 1310 in P2P to a M5STACK with the 915 mHz RF95 based module. I can send packets to the RF95 and receive them fine but when I send a packet the from the RF95 to the 1310 I get nothing. I tried to ensure all the configurations were the same but there are some differences in libraries. For example the 1310 library only lets me configure a single value for preambles and the M5Stack has tx and rx.

The M5 Setup looks like this

 // void initP2PMode(unsigned short frequency = 433, _spreading_factor_t spreadingFactor = SF12, _band_width_t bandwidth = BW125,
  //                       unsigned char txPreamble = 8, unsigned char rxPreamble = 8, short power = 20);
  lora.initP2PMode(915, SF12, BW125, 8, 8, 20);

and the 1310 look like this:

 if (!LoRa.begin(915E6)) {
    Serial.println("Starting LoRa failed!");
    while (1){
      digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, !digitalRead(LED_BUILTIN));   // toggle the LED;
      digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, !digitalRead(LED_BUILTIN));   // toggle the LED;

    Serial.println("Starting LoRa success!");  

  //*********** Configure Radio ***********//

  LoRa.setTxPower(20);                                           // max power
  LoRa.setSpreadingFactor(12);                                // max spreading

I added the LoRa.setCodingRate4() as an idea but I can't find the default rate for the RF95 and the library has no function to change it.

Any ideas?