Mkr 1310 on AA batteries

Need help ... how can I use a mkr 1310 LORA with 1,2 V AA Ni-MH batteries?
Using the bat port, the mkr and the batteries turns very hot very fast and I have to disconnect.
Using the VIN pin, the power led is On but nothing happens with 2, 3 or 4 AA, it appears that the arduino does nothing.
What I doing wrong?

The tech specs for the MKR 1310 on the Arduino website say:

Supported Batteries: rechargeable Li-Ion, or Li-Po, 1024 mAh minimum capacity

That tells me that Ni-MH batteries are not supported - at least on the battery connector. You could probably power the board using the Vin pin which has this information on the Arduino website:

Vin: This pin can be used to power the board with a regulated 5V source. If the power is fed through this pin, the USB power source is disconnected. This is the only way you can supply 5v (range is 5V to maximum 6V) to the board not using USB. This pin is an INPUT.

If I read that right, you will need 5x 1.2V batteries = 6V (4 batteries won't supply the minimum of 5V).

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