MKR 1310 on-board 2MB SPI Flash problem again

I have seen and followed the former conversation " [MKR 1310 on-board 2MB SPI Flash problem]".
I believe I did everything thoroughly but I still can't have access to the 2MB flash.

As required:

  • LoRa module is off
  • CS is set to 32
  • SPI1 used

But jedec read is 00 00 00.

Can anyone of the experts help again ?

I have the same problem. When I execute:-
SerialFlash.begin(SPI1, FlashChipSelect) it return s "true"

when I run the RawhardwareTest .ino I get the following.

12:52:32: Read Chip Identification:
12:52:32: JEDEC ID: 0 0 0
12:52:32: Part Nummber: (unknown chip)
12:52:32: Memory Size: 0 bytes
12:52:32: Tests Failed :{

Likewise - I also have the same problem, using SPI1, CS set to 32, and LoRa off. SerialFlash.begin returns TRUE, but the chip is still not identified. Any updates on how to fix this?

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