MKR 1310 Serial and DeepSleep


I am trying to figure out how to enable a persistent Serial communication across deep sleep events. I am using the ArduinoLowPower library to make the MKR 1310 deep sleep. However, when it wakes up the serial monitor window will no longer receive serial messages making it very difficult to debug code issues. I have tried closing and reopening the port before sleeping and after wake up without luck. How do we go about properly doing this?

As an alternative I have also tried connecting a USB FTDI serial converter to the RX, TX (pins 13 and 14) and GND pins on the MKR1310, but I cannot get the RX/TX lines to work at all (even without deep sleep it just wont show anything on the serial port). For the FTDI connection I have tried both Serial and Serial1 without any luck. Any reason why the RX/TX line would not work at all? I have tried the exact same setup with an UNO and a Mega without issues so its not an FTDI driver or wiring issue...

Any suggestions on how to go about enabling debugging across deep sleep events?


There is some interesting discussion about the subject here:

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