MKR 1400 modem died?


after a further debuging session yesterday trying to figure out how to get the SIM enabeld again ( see thread strange crashes under poor receiving condition - MKRGSM1400 - Arduino Forum) I had some new "insides" with the AT+USIMSTAT command... It reports 0 (no SIM present) but I logged in before with AT+CPIN. After the +USIMSTAT I was - how ever able to login to the network with a AT+COPS=0.

I was happy to find the error - but unfortunatly not very long. After a reset of the modem it seems that the modem died. Even with the passthrue programm I'm now not able to access the modem anymore. After a couple of AT's it just sends back an returned qustionmark.

For me it looks like a bit that somthing screwed up the bautrate settings of the Modem. How ever changing that on adruino site doesn't help.

Does anyone have an Idea?

Hi Elisedd, are you using the included examples for the MKR GSM 1400, pretty positive there is a sketch in there to reset the BAUD rate.

What happens if you load a different example like blink, can you make the onboard LED flash?


Yes I used a couple of the included examples - none of them are working anymore... And as I said - with the passthrue example I only get this "¿" back after some AT's... The other stall normaly after "MODEM.begin()"

Try this sketch. It allows you to pass modem commands directly from the serial interface. Be sure to set the serial interface to terminate with carriage return and newline or the AT commands will not be interpreted by the modem.

unsigned long baud = 9600;

void setup() {
  // reset the ublox module
  digitalWrite(GSM_RESETN, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(GSM_RESETN, LOW);



void loop() {
  if (Serial.available()) {

  if (SerialGSM.available()) {