MKR 1500 NB - Verizon - Not Registered

Having issues registering the MKR 1500 NB on Verizon's CAT M1 network using a Nimbelink SIM. Has anyone had any issues registering on Verizon's network? I was told by someone close to Verizon that the UBLOX SAR-R410M chip was a "module" and the device (MKR 1500 NB) would have to be "certified" to access the Verizon network. Is this true? I am running the NB Scan Networks with debugging on and get the following: OK AT+UDCONF=1,1



+CEREG: 0,3

OK Not connected

I also found some test code that checks the RSSI and it outputs the following which seems like an acceptable signal: AT+CSQ

+CSQ: 31,99

My SIM card is showing registered with Nimbelink.

Any ideas?

Dear user,

Thank you very much for sharing your issue with the Arduino community.

We can confirm that the radio module Sara R410 is certified for Verizon:

As +CREG: 0,3 indicates the SIM registration is denied meaning that the SIM is denied access to Verison network (or the network it is roaming on).

I would suggest to check that Nimbelink SIM is registered and compatible with Verizon.

If you need further assistance feel free to contact Arduino Technical Support.



There is a difference between Verizon APPROVED and Verizon CERTIFIED. The MKR 1500 NB does indeed use a Verizon APPROVED Sara R410 module. However the MKR 1500 NB device is NOT Verizon CERTIFIED. A device must be Verizon CERTIFIED before Verizon will add the device's IMEI to their Device Management Database (DMD) allowing it to connect to their network.

I directly asked a Verizon Senior Solutions Engineer if the Arduino MKR NB 1500 would connect to the Verizon network without any issues. This was his response:

"The module (Ublox SARA-R410) is approved for use on the Verizon network, but the device (MKR NB 1500) is not certified. If you want to use that device on the Verizon network, you would need to upload the IMEI against a device submission in the Open Development portal."

Only the manufacturer, Arduino, can submit the device for certification. I've explained this to Arduino but have never received a response.

Note that Verizon may temporarily add un-certified devices to their DMD but they will be purged periodically. I used a SIM7000A Arduino shield and successfully connected to Verizon for several months. Then one day it just stopped connecting.

I've found no reasonably priced well supported Verizon CERTIFIED development boards. Manufactures don't seem to understand the Verizon certification process. Let me know what you find.