MKR board not waking from sleep mode

I previously posted this but it was suggested to change the subject to a more meaningful statement.

I recently discovered that sleep mode no longer functions on a MKR GSM1400 board I have. My sketch uses digital pin 2 to induce sleep mode. I wired a switch to short the pin to ground and configured it as input pullup. My device would go to sleep when the ground connection was removed and the pin would go to 3.3vdc. When the switch was returned to the original run position the pin was pulled low and the device would resume operation. This seems to have stopped just recently and it seems that the unit will go to sleep but never returns from sleep mode.

I loaded the example sketch "ExternalWakeup" and it will go to sleep but not return from sleep mode. Has there been a recent update that disabled this functionality? I verified that the pins are in fact transferring from low to high voltage levels.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Not an answer but I have a similar problem with Arduino ports simply disappearing after a sleep. I have to reboot to get it back.

OK I found my answer and it was really very simple. I looked into the possibility that I chose the wrong digital pin for use as an interrupt. In fact I did and the specs clearly say that only 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 digital pins can be used for external interrupt. I just slipped a small jumper between pins 1 & 2 leaving just pin 2 as input pull up and pin 1 as input. It was easier than unsoldering the connector from digital pin 2 and relocating it to pin 1.

The lesson I learned...even the simplest most benign details matter.