MKR boards - is there a simple board available?

I am building a device that takes MKR board, so that I do not have to add an mcu directly and that it can be extended by different MKR boards with WiFi, LoRa, whatever.

But for the basic device, none of that is required, just an mcu. However, I could not find any simple board that just offers an mcu with serial or USB, like a traditional Arduino.

Am I blind?

Confused , if you just want basic functions why not just use a NANO or does that not have the horsepower ?

Mkr Zero is the simplest.

@hammy, I know there are other devices.

I just thought it makes sense to use MKR boards, then WiFi, LoRa or can easily be added. But as for the basic usage this is not required, a simple NANO board in MKR form factor would be enough.

I probably just gonna build a simple MKR board then. Or a breakout for a NANO.

Adafruit also has their "feather" series, which is similar in form factor and features to the MKR boards (but not exactly compatible), and has a somewhat broader range of boards available.