MKR connector carrier no i2c adresses

Hi, I attach a MKR connector carrier(MCC) to a MKR NB 1500, and insert
M5Stack sensors : MLX90614, BMP280.
There is 5V output on the MCC.
However none of the sensors are listed on I2C scan on addresses 1 -127.
Ideas for debugging this ?

I2c Scan lists 2 devices when the NB 1500 is empty. What are they ?
19:52:14.431 → I2C device found at address 0x60 !
19:52:14.431 → I2C device found at address 0x6B !

Post links to the actual hardware you’re using (best is a direct link to the schematics)!

Add a wiring diagram!

Hi, My fault - I conceived the connector carrier as an I2C multiplexer. I did not test the connector labeled TWI, which appear to be the one I2C connector.

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