MKR Enclosure?

I cant seem to find any enclosures for the MKR form factor. Anyone know of good sources or mounting dimensions?


Aliexpress and eBay have a large variety of enclosures for good prices.

I especially like the 1590xx series of cast aluminum enclosures. The Chinese are kind enough to "distress" them with some lovely scratches and dings before I even get my clumsy hands on them, but I've found you can quickly fix that and get a nice "brushed" finish with some sandpaper.

There are a bunch of extruded aluminum enclosures to pick from as well. Not quite as aesthetically pleasing to me as the 1590 series for some reason, but still very nice.

Of course, for a project that does RF communication without an external antenna, a metal enclosure will not be a great idea. They have nice (or flimsy and super cheap if that's your thing) plastic enclosures as well.

As for mounting dimensions, you should be able to get that from the Eagle design files you can download from the MKR product pages.

I doubt you'll find any enclosures with mounting points specifically made for the MKR boards. The 3rd party market hasn't seemed to pick up on the MKR form factor. However, you can easily drill your own holes in the enclosures and use screws and standoffs to mount the board.