MKR ENV R2 Shield with MKR WiFi 1010 Won't Initialize

Anyone successful in getting a MKR ENV R2 board to work? I bought one with a WiFi1010 board (which works fine) and run the the test sketch from the, have the MKR_ENV library installed etc. Can not get beyond the BEGIN() initialization check - MKR_ENV will not initialize.

Been through many Arduino support emails, they finally sent me a replacement R2 board - same problem.

I manually wired the MKR_ENV R2 up to my UNO R3 board, got a compiler warning due to the processor mismatch but the sketch uploaded - same problem.

The latest round of tech support asked me to check which version of the board I have - a recent Arduino help note points out there are different versions including "*...*there is a small batch where the sunlight symbol was kept in the silk layer of the board (the white symbols and letters) but there is no component, so the board will not be able to sense sunlight." My board appears to be from that small batch.

Not sure why they are selling a MKR_ENV and a MKR_ENV R2 - I just figured R2 was newer/better.

Anyone have one working?

We are aware of the issue, we will be updating the library with the fix soon.

Hi, we have updated the MKR ENV library which includes both ENV Rev1 and Rev 2 shields.

@jojobaa - I have updated the MKR_ENV library to the latest version and now the MKR ENV board does initialize when I run locally and does initialize when I am running the MKR WiFi 1010/MKR ENV stack as an IoT/Cloud thing.

But, there seems to be a problem with the IoT/Cloud use:

I get connected to WiFi and the IoT Cloud server and the illuminance and pressure values update fine. But temperature just reports 0C and humidity reports 0 %.

If I run the MKR ENV Shield Read Sensors script locally (complied and uploaded from the Windows IDE) humidity and temperature report accurate values. But running the same sketch in the IoT Cloud with variables and widgets setup, the serial monitor shows humidity and temperature are not being read and the widgets for those variables do not update. I am using the IoT Cloud sketch from the Ardunio web site here.

So, perhaps a bug was introduced in the web version of the library, as the one I uploaded in the IDE seems to work fine and proves the ENV board is working.

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