MKR GPS attached via I2C cable - not working

Hi all,

I cannot seem to get the MKR GPS to work: I am using the MKR GPS attached via the supplied I2C cable to a MKR WiFi 1010, and using the example code and suggested library (Arduino_MKRGPS.h).

Am I missing something? Is there an issue with the Library? I see several other posts on this topic but no one seems to have 'solved' the issue.

Any tips welcome!

Can you make a photo of it ?

Arduino MKR GPS Shield: Arduino MKR GPS Shield — Arduino Official Store.
Arduino MKR Wifi 1010: Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 — Arduino Official Store.

Can you solder the pins to the shield and attach it to the MKR board ?

Did you run a I2C Scanner ?
Do others have problems with this as well ? Can you give links to that ?

The connector for power and I2C bus might be a design mistake. The SDA and SCL should not be next to each other. If they are in the cable next to each other, then the crosstalk between SDA and SCL will cause a lot of trouble.
Reference: UM10204, page 60: "Wiring pattern of the bus lines".

In the schematic of the GPS shield, I see no pullup resistors.
In the schematic of the MKR board, I see 4k7 pullup resistors, but no resistors in the signal path to dampen the SDA and SCL some.
The I2C bus should not go through a cable, but it would be possible when they had designed it better. It should work when the GPS Shield is used as a shield.

Quick fix: cut open the cable and put all seperate wires apart from each other, so the SDA is not near the SCL.