MKR GSM 1400 obsolete?

Trying to figure out which module to go with - production intent development...

Given the main cellular carries are phasing out 2G and 3G this year (2021) and next year (2022), will the MKR GSM 1400 become obsolete?

Will the MRK NB 1500 be a suitable replacement?

Interested in peoples thoughts and advise. Thanks!

I am wondering the same thing- I have been experimenting with a NB 1500 just in case, but have not found any clarification about the GSM 1400.

The GSM 1400 is still being sold as an "Active" product on websites like Digikey, and no mention of EOL status on the Arduino store. I would not want to assume that they are trying to sell off stock while they still can, but I would feel better if they addressed this outright.

I have been using the GSM 1400 in a product for a couple of years now, my advice: test other boards (MKR NB1500, Boron LTE CAT-M1, etc) just in case the 1400 abruptly ceases to work. I've personally been testing the NB1500 but have had little success so far.

Hopefully someone has some information or insight on this. Will be following this thread.

Hi @bgm_josh, after further research, 2G and 3G will be phased out in the USA by Dec. of 2022. Given Arduino is used all over the world, I suspect they will still sell the 1400 for those areas, but if in the USA, I would go with the 1500.

We worked with the Particle Boron LTE with some luck. However, when it came down to pricing, Arduino definitely had the upper hand. Also, with the current chip shortage, it seemed we were able to find the 1500s while the Boron LTE had 12wk lead times.

Either way, if in a country that is phasing out 2G/3G, I would go with the 1500.

Hi, at the moment MKR 1400 is not a retired product, but as @cth0001821 suggested NB1500 is a good alternative.

Are there coverage maps available for the NB 1500? I tried other NB-IOT products but the coverage here in the US is not well know to me, any suggestions/ So far I am leaning to LTE Cat 1 as it is the same technology as the cell network for phones; As I have very limited knowledge, please chime in on what to use her in the US. When you check the Verizon and T-Mobile sites, they say that "They are it" but no coverage maps.

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