MKR GSM 1400 send text doesn't work


I've used the example sketch for sending an SMS, but when I go to my serial port I don't get the "ready" sign nor do I get to enter the number that I want to send the SMS to or the text itself.

The sketch has been uploaded with no problem, so I am not really sure where I am going wrong here?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

@stefanovisconti :pray:

Check first if you receive any data on your serial monitor. Check baud rate.
Change line 29 in the example from
GSM gsmAccess;
GSM gsmAccess(true);
to see the AT flow on the serial monitor.

Thank you!

I eventually got the serial monitor to work, but the didn't receive the messages from the arduino sim. I tried using my own giffgaff sim and when I change the line 29 to GSM gsmAccess(true); it tells me that it's the wrong pin, which doesn't make sense as it works when I use it in my phone?

If you have the wrong pin in your sketch it tryies over and over until you have to unlock with the PUK. My suggestion is to remove the SIM PIN to avoid any issues.

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