MKR GSM 1400 with firebase or thinkspeak

I would like to inquire about the new board, MKR GSM 1400.
Can i sent the data to firebase or thinkspeak ?



It is not yet available in the store so there will only be a few developers using it.

It should be very possible but I have not read the specifications.
Other GSM based shields can do it so there should be little difference.

Yes, i am trying to send data to Google Firebase using the MKR 1400 but still haven't found the solution to it. If anybody knows or is willing to collaborate to figure this out I am game.

This should get you started for some code to connect to something like thingspeak. I haven't made time to go back and work on it for a bit. hopefully you understand it okay though:

I was trying to setup each function as a seperate function, then call each function as required. so for example if I wanted to publish 2 different lots of results to Thinkspeak seperatly I could. But it seems to have some issues in returning the correct content at times. Anyway have a play with it, it's a start for you.


Hi there!

Just wondering if you managed to get this working?
I've had great success using the firebase libraries for wifi, but was hoping to easily move over to gsm...

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Hello..... I also need a library solution in order to connect MKR1400 to Firebase.

This example isn't Firebase specific, but I suspect that it would get you partway there: WebClient

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