MKR IoT Carrier - Battery (protected or not) and Power Consumption


had a search but didn't find the answer to my question, but hope this isn't a duplicate

  1. the 18650 on the MKR IoT Carrier, I assume it requires a battery with inbuilt protection, however the documentation/datasheet had no information. Can anyone inform me the type of 18650 required

  2. the datasheet mentions up to 48hours of use from an 18650 battery - is this continuous usage and could be improved with power management, or this as optimal as it gets! of course the peripherals, type of MKR you connect - what you are using it for etc, will play a big role.


(ps it would be great if you could buy just the carrier + case instead of the full Opla / experimenters kit!)

It helps if you post a link to the hardware items. I have no idea what your battery holder looks like I think it uses a Li 18650 battery cell. The battery could last well over a year before requiring recharge, it is dependent on the current consumed by the load, again no links so a proper answer cannot be given.

hey @gilshultz yeah, my bad on that - it's the MKR IoT Carrier here Arduino MKR IoT Carrier — Arduino Official Store

according to the datasheet ( we have


i will admit i am not an expert on battery labelling/naming - or what is assumed (if not explicitly stated), but I have devices on my desk that use 18650 batteries without inbuilt protection circuitry, and then others that assume the battery has the protection circuitry (and if i remember correctly the two are slightly different sizes); then there is button-top and flat-top variants, then not to mention capacity, voltage, charge rates etc!

to clarify my questions:

  1. which format 18650 is it? button-top / flat-top?
  2. does the MKR IoT Carrier have inbuilt battery protection, or is it assumed to be in the battery itself?
  3. Is only Li-Ion supported, or is LiPo ok as well?
  4. is 2500mAH the max capacity, or can other capacity batteries be used as well?
  5. is there any requirements on charge-rate?

regarding power usage, i assume that the 48h is a nominal figure to be used as a guideline - you may get better, you may get worse!


Sorry I cannot be of much help. The data on the MKR IoT Carrier does not give the information you want. They do give contact information so best to connect with them. My guess,1. Probably both. 2,3,4,5 you have to get from them. There is no defined standard to determine if the battery is protected on not, you have to read the data sheet.

yep, same conclusion i came to - have mailed them directly.

flat-top vs button-top and also protected vs non-protected at the very least they are actually different sizes, so (in my experience) rare to find holders for both - but my experience could very well be limited here!

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