MKR IoT Carrier/Opla Kit Remote Controlled Light MQTT Problems

I'm working my way through the examples for the Opla/MKT IoT Carrier kit and hitting compile problems on many of the sketches.

The first example project is Remote Controlled Lights. The first problem is that the Create Variables step (1) does not tell you to create a switch_RGB variable, but if I don't, I get errors related to that variable use. Create that variable, and I get beyond that error.

(The section on creating the 5 (should be 6) variables also doesn't tell you whether they should be updated periodically or on change only - I assume that meant leave at the default of on change only but could be more clear)

Once past that error, the sketch complies with no errors and connects to my WiFi fine but then just keeps printing the same error to the serial monitor:

"ArduinoIoTCloudTCP::handle_SubscribeMqttTopics could not subscribe to (long hex value here, my thing ID I think)
Check your thing configuration and press the reset button on your board."

Of course, with the case on you can't push the reset button but uploading the sketch again just keeps getting the same error.

What could be causing this?

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