MKR IoT Carrier - Use relays at 240V AC

I would like to use the relays of the MKR IoT Carrier.
The MKR IoT Carrier documentation (Arduino MKR IoT Carrier) says they are V23079 relays.
Looking at these relays documentation (e.g., it says they can sustain 5A or 220V DC-240V AC (at much lower intensity of course, 250mA).
Opla tutorial states that these relays do not sustain more than 24V :
Which one is wrong ? Is there any limitations on the MKR IoT Carrier itself which would prohibit using it with 220V (like a lack of isolation in the connectors for instance).
I do not intend to use these relays for high intensity but I would enjoy to use them at 220V AC so that they can drive another industrial relay which would drive the real load (which would consume hundreds of Watts, so for sure not driven directly by small electronics relays).
Thanks in advance

For those who might wonder, this is the contactor I would like to drive with the MKR IoT Carrier :
It's power is 5.2W, so well below the 60VA @240V AC of the V23079 relays according to the original documentation.