MKR IoT wifi carrier bootup question

I'm having an issue that occurs after I upload a code fix to the board.
It seems to do a reset and my code starts up ok, but the buttons do not respond to touches.
If I press the reset button, the same thing happens.
Here's the weird part... If I unplug to remove power and then plug back in - the buttons respond.
It doesn't seem to be a code issue because in both cases, the same code is running.
I don't understand what would be the difference between resetting the board, or powering it off, especially since the code starts up just fine in both cases. It's not a big issue - just that I have to unplug after each iterative code fix/update. Any clues would be appreciated.
If it is helpful, I can upload the code, but it seems to be more of a hardware based issue, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar situation.
FWIW: The code is not finished, but it is a combination of some of the kit exercises - a main color-coded menu with options to display temp, humidity, statistics, etc.
Thank you. Jere

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