Mkr-motor-carrier and 3.3v?

I accidentally connected +VM to +5V (on the 4 pin connector at the bottom),
but after correcting the problem the 3.3v is showing about 1V.

The 5v is working, but not the 3.3v, so I assumed I toasted the 3.3v regulator.
However, I don't see a 3.3v regulator on the board, does anyone know?


I don't download files and fill up the Pc.
Which controller?
What is +VM?
What is "pin 4"?

Sorry, wasn't clear. MKR1010 controller.
I really meant PWRIN, in the schematics its called +VM after Q3 and Q1
Pin4 is the PWRIN. For a dev board, there really should be a silk screen so you know you hook up to the right pin w/o having to look up the schematics.
Update: I think the 3.3v comes from whatever MKR board you hook up.
In my case I think I fried the board, after unplugging and replugging the MKR1010 I have 3.3v again, but none of the motor or servo examples work, they can't connect to the onboard controller.

Arduino team: I was really only messing around with this because the servo motor control really works poorly. You really need to implement a "sweep" to have a servo go smoothly from side to side (in my case I added a lidar). For instance this works well, but any servo on the mkr-motor-carrier moves anything but smoothly: please fix.

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