MKR Motor Carrier Capabilities?

Recently asked someone about the MKR capabilities. With my current motor setup from what he said, my Bag Motor @ a 200:1 reduction should give off roughly 2.5 amps under load, giving about 30 watts. He said that the MKR Motor carrier can take 20 watts. Is this true? I can't seem to find the answer on the product page.

The specs are HERE..
See the TECH SPEC section.

Max current (MC33926) 5 Amps Peak, RMS current depending on the degree of heat sink provided
Would equate to approx 60W

Max current (DRV8871) 3 Amps peak, current limited by current sense resistor.
Would equate to approx 36W

Note both numbers are PEAK so a MAX total of 96W or 8A for the whole shield.
However that is TWO distinct and seperate drivers which I strongly doubt would accomplish your task.

I did NOT include a final load as there were unknown variables in your case so suggested giving yourself some extra to play with as a safety margin.
Did however based on the limited information suggest something better than the MKR motor shield.


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