Mkr Motor Carrier compatibility

Hi Guys

I'm bulding a robot and i want to use a mkr motor carrier but I have two questions about it:

  1. Is it compatible with the Arduino Portenta H7?

  2. which is the minimal and maximal voltage output for the motors?

Thanks, Cylle

There is some discussion about this by Arduino's hardware and firmware developers here:
Make sure to read to the end of the discussion, as it evolved along the way.

So the takeaways from that are:

  • Portenta H7 is hardware compatible with the MKR Motor Carrier
  • Portenta H7 is not software compatible with the release version of the MKR Motor Carrier's "ArduinoMotorCarrier" support library.
    Note that there is no magic in that library. You are always welcome to write your own bespoke code for interfacing with the Motor Carrier.

As a result of that discussion, work is in progress right now to add support to the library for Portenta H7:

That work is not in the release version of the library yet, but that only means you don't have the convenience of being able to install it via the Arduino Library Manager. If you install the modified version of the library manually, you can use it now.

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