MKR Motor Carrier schematics


I can see in the code how pins on the MKR1000 board are somehow connected to devices on the MKR Carrier board but it would really help if we could get a schematic showing how the MKR board is laid out and connected to the MKR 1000. Any help? I cannot find the carrier board on the Arduino store but the classroom instructions are telling me this is where I am supposed to go to get it. Thanks!

There is also an issue report requesting the design files for the MKR Motor Carrier here: Unfortunately there has been no official response even a month later.


We are in the process of adding the Schematics for the Mkr Motor Carrier and Mkr motor carrier to our store and they will be available from September.

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Is the schematic for the "MKR CONNECTOR CARRIER" available? I just received one of these boards but cannot figure out how to use it.

I guess they never did say WHEN in September... :roll_eyes:

Are the schematics going to be available soon?


Hi Todd, You may receive an email from Carlos Rodrigues (Arduino Customer Support) with my contact info. Hopefully that will happen today. Then just send me an email or call me and I'll send the pdf for each chapter of the AEK course. If you want the Microsoft word files, I'll send those too. If he does not send the email, post a reply. We'll figure something else out. Thanks for all the great posts. Best regards, Joe

I can't seem to find anything in the store about the mkr motorcarrier board. Are these still not available in the store separately? I have one from the engineering kit and would very much like to know the specs.

[quote author=Sravya Amirisetti link=msg=3853831 date=1535366545] they will be available from September. [/quote] It's now mid-October but still no schematics. Any news?


We regret for the delay in adding the schematics and Mkr Motor carrier in the store to purchase. The process is ongoing and we are in the final steps.

Thank you for your patience.