MKR NB 1500 WebSockets SSL 📶

Hi! I've been struggling with this for countless hours now;

I have a vending machine that I need to connect to a network server using WebSocket Secure / SSL. (Arduno board will translate LTE to serial com, and back.)

For this purpose i have chosen to go for a more robust LTE connection instead of wifi, and chosen the MKR NB 1500 board. Turns out, it was a bit more challenging than I expected.

I'm having a real hard time finding a websocket library that supports ssl with this board.
I have tried modifying one of the libraries i found, but after all I'm just a beginner, so that didn't go particularly well..

If anyone know how i may be able to achieve this, please give me a nudge in the right direction, unless this is a dead end! :sweat_smile:

This library is based on the Client base library which is also supported by the MKRNB library so it shouldn't be a problem to integrate them.

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