MKR RS485 Shield Wiring and switches

The example RS-485 Receiver is somewhat unclear
Is this correct the grd of the sensor connects to the iso grd ?
where does the voltage from the sensor connect the 5v pin on the MKR or the iso VCC ?
What does this mean ..."A connected to A/Y of the RS-485 device" ? does that mean connect the A from the sensor to the second screw position labelled A or the 4th screw position labelled Y.
For the switch position is switch one to the left, switch 2 to the right, and switch 3 to the left.//
im totally confused

I think the ISO VCC, ISO GND are separate from the Arduino board electrically (isolated). What sensor are you talking about? The RS485 board is not a sensor per se, it's a bus converter and not sensing anything

The sensor is a FRT full range tensiometer from URT.

I want to connect the sensor to the Arduino via the MRK shield.


So it's a sensor with an RS485 interface. At a minimum, you need to connect one of the differential pairs (A/B or Y/Z) from MKR to the sensor's differential input interface (A/B)

You then provide a separate power to the sensor's brown and yellow pins.

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