MKR survival through winter.

Just passing this along.

Had an MKR 1000 outside all over the winter period.
Temperatures went down to below minus 42 degrees Celsius and at some point over winter I thought it had died as I was not getting any data from it.

Turns out the MKR itself was fine and is now residing in a warm spot doing its task to thinkspeak.

The sensor on the other hand died peacefully in its sleep.
DHT11 was put to rest among the electronics recycle bin.

Good it works in minus temperatures, Will it be reliable during high temperature also??

I have already exceeded the spec in sub zero...
Not going to push my luck and don't have a place where I could.

NO I am not putting it in a toaster for you... :wink:

Okay, then I will let you know after 6 months status of my MKR1000 as my region temperature reaches 45 degree Celsius in summers :slight_smile: :slight_smile: