MKR Vidor 4000 FPGA Visual Editor update?


I've been wondering for a while now about what has happened to the visual editor that was planned for this product, and if it will ever release.
The concept seems pretty nice, as the Quartus solution where you have to then reverse the bytes of the output file (As instructed by this guide: ) seems just unneccesarily unintuitive, I mean it seems to work as per my testing with it, but why not have an integrated solution that skips all of the extra steps?

So does anyone know what happened to it?

Link with the concept image:

Thanks in advance

Use release from git and use script. That will build you library that you can use in arduino.

You can also use usb blaster sketch and use convert programming file to create programming file for flash. You need to set flash stating address right to avoid overwriting golden image. Not sure if there is flash image available if you want to reflash golden image.

be carefull not to overwrite golden image. So now I need jic for golden image :slight_smile: