This may be me being fantastically ignorant, but I'd be grateful for any help:

I have just got a MKR Vidor 4000 and am trying to work out how to use it. I can upload a program (eg Blink) to it and it runs fine so now I want to test the WiFi. I have installed the WiFiNINA library, version 1.8.10, and am using Arduino IDE 1.8.15. I have read that I need to check firmware (whatever than is) so I uploaded the example program CheckFIrmwareVersion to the arduino and ran it. However, when it checks WiFi.status() it returns WL_NO_MODULE and so gets stuck in an infinite loop doing nothing. It seems to me that the arduino can't 'see' its wifi module. Am I meant to connect something to something? Download something? Connect only when the moon is full? Thanks for any help....

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Thank you!

if the NINA Firmware version is (nearly) equal to the NINA Library version than your Nina should work fine.

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