MKR Vidor-Digital ports


I’ve been loking for a way to send data from the Cyclone 10 to the arduino chip, and read the data on the chip, but as a stream (I mean, 15 bits at the same time, no one digital read at the time).

Is there something like digital ports for the MKR Vidor?

Thanks in advance


I think you can read PA or PB at one command. So these should fit in PA.

other way is to use SPI/UART if you need more pins in future. UART TX + framing is pretty easy to do in FPGA. If you need arduino SW to trigger this capture you can do it by writing IO or giving character serial port.


Is there some exaple or documentation that I could read about this on MKR Vidor

I've been looking around and only get info about ArduinoUNO's ATMEGA chip

Also, about UART TX using FPGA, right now I don't have acces to use noting but the digital and analog pins, in the future for this project I have planned to use the PCIe connector, but now I need to send the data back to the SAMD21 and then send it to the PC trought the serial port.

Do you think that what I'm thinking is possible?


You could start off with the fpga as an i2c slave and have the samd21 poll it for data.

Or vice versa and have the fpga as a master, writing to the samd21 when data is ready.


this looks like a case for my JTAG Interface! I have created modules for FPGA and some Arduino code to allow data exchange, and all of this is running through JTAG, which means it is very reliable and does not use any external pins.

Here's the link to my Github repo:

Make sure to read the ReadMe and download and try it, or at least take a look at the example Quartus project as it contains exactly what i think you want to achieve.

Now, i don't know if you want to read the pins and send the value to the cpu or if you just want to use the pins for sending any other data, but both can be achieved very easily and are in fact already achieved in the example.
Just make sure to look at the Arduino example and also the attached Quartus project.

Hope this helps...