MKR WAN 1310 lora packet size modification

hello everybody,

I’v just engaged a project that going to employ lora for massage transmission;
But my problem curently is to find every lora packet maxmumly can transfer 11bytes…
Can you advise me how to change code or make configuration… thanks!

A LoRa packet can be from 1 to 255 bytes.

Maybe there is a problem with your code or library.

But you did not post any code, or say which library you are using, so the forum cannot advise.

thanks Srnet!

I m using MKRWAN.h
and just now do the following modifications:

MKRWAN.h modified return size from 64 to 128 as below:
if (isArduinoFW()){
return 128;}

sketch modified:

now it can maximumly transfer 71 bytes.
no more i can reached…

or, how to config to maximum 255 bytes when I m using MKRWAN.h, thanks!

Dont know anything about the MKRWAN.h library, but you would think Arduino published documentation for it.