MKR WAN 1310 Not detected by my PC

I plug my Arduino MKR WAN 1310 into my PC's USB 3.0 type A port and nothing happens, it's completely invisible to the PC and I can't find it in device manager. Despite this, The Power Light is on solid green. the CHRG light will flash momentarily when I first plug it in, then go off. I've tried pressing the reset button on the board, updating my USB drivers, uninstalling and re-installing both the board software and IDE itself. The google machine doesn't seem to have answers either, I'm at a loss.

Install the board core via the IDE:

· Tools > Board > Boards Manager

· Search for "Arduino SAMD Boards"

· From the drop-down menu select latest version

· Click "Install"

· Wait for installation to finish

· Click "Close" and restart your IDE.

. Plug your board back to the computer and select the board and port via tools.

Use a data USB cable capable of some 480Mbps and do not use a USB hub or USB 3.0 port.

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