MKR WAN + LoRa Pro Gateway: Data Access

Hi all

I'm curious to learn how your WAN projects are set up w.r.t. data handling for the MKR WAN + LoRa Pro Gateway combination. Currently I only see two options:

  • Access messages "manually" in Arduino IoT:
    MKR WAN sends message -> Gateway -> A2A via pktwfd -> Arduino IoT
  • Add webhook to this path:
    MKR WAN sends message -> Gateway -> A2A via pktfwd-> Arduino IoT -> Webhook (Google, IFTTT, Zapier)

Is there a method I am missing to reconfigure the installed "pktfwd" container to route data elsewhere, or a way of implementing a sketch on the Gateway's RPi that can access & process the incoming WAN messages and in turn send conditional messages to (all/some) connected MKR WANs?

Regarding the latter, I've only managed to run a sketch on the RPi printing something to serial monitor, unable to compile anything useful in this framework.