MKR wifi 1010 and AHT10

Hi. MKR wifi 1010 and AHT10. I have a problem with using the AHT10 library only with the webeditor. If I use the same library from the Arduino IDE there are no problems with veryification and upload passes thoughtfully. When compiling with a webeditor, the message Error during build: library path does not exist: /mnt/create-efs/webide/10/45/1045176fce2bf11a91d90f19a89bfc91:michalbielawski/libraries_v2/AHT10 pops up. The library is added I have access to it from the webeditor level, it is there! can someone help me?

Hi @michalbielawski. Please provide more details about this "AHT10" library. I need to be able to reproduce your problem before I can help you out with it.

Where did it come from? Did you import it into Arduino Web Editor, or is it one of the libraries that are pre-installed in Arduino Web Editor?

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