MKR WiFi 1010 Connecting to SQLite3 over WiFi, then Android controls MKR Board

Objective : Control an Arduino with an Android App and display pin info on the App w/ SQLite3 (all connected wirelessly)

(I want complete disassociation between all parts; meaning, I don't want any direct connections between the Board, Database, and App. (The board has its own control box, the database has a desktop, and the app is hosted on an Android phone))

To start, I don't know if this ALL is possible.

I have an Arduino MKR 1010 connected to a machine. I know how to display specific information on the Android app from the SQLite database, but I don't know how to put the Arduino's pin information into the SQLite database in the first place... (to then be read and displayed by the app)

But my biggest problem is being able to control the Arduino with the Android app (turning several processes off/on). Is there any way I could connect my Arduino MKR (possibly with the SQLite Database) to control it from the app? I've seen the posts talking about controlling Arduinos with Bluetooth, but could the Arduino be controlled by the "custom-made-app" over the internet (from anywhere with internet access?)

If I'm missing anything other boards, a separate (Unbuntu) server that needs to control anything, or anything other ideas you might have, please let me know. (I also read about MySQL? Would that be easier than using SQLite in this situation?)

And if you need more information, please ask.
(Even if you only know a small portion of the overall project, still leave a comment)

Hello Again!

I'm now learning how to use MySQL instead of SQLite, and it's is so far working much better. The data is displaying on my Android app (data I manually put in)

I've read some other forums that might help with putting information into the database (such as a humidity sensor in this post: Insert data from arduino into MYSQL Database problem - Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum )

Same as the post above, I'm worried about the board's memory. The MKR has 2,000,000 bytes of flash memory, and the Uno (used in the other forum post) apparently ran out of memory to complete their task. The Uno only has 32,000 bytes of memory, so I am hoping, with all of the code, the MKR will be able to handle it...

I'll keep updating this post with solutions I find to help others who might face a problem like this.

(still trying to see how I'm going to do this all over long-distance WiFi connections...)

Also, if you're following along and want to try doing this, I recommend watching "Programming with Mosh's" tutorial on setting up your MySQL