MKR Wifi 1010 Project Design


I am newer to microcontrollers and have my first project I would like to try. I have started to sketch out a basic design and would like feedback on things that I may be missed or over looked. I understand I am new and things are probably not correct or I might miss use terminology, please feel free to correct me in any aspect.

Project Scope- I would like to integrate the MKR Wifi 1010 into Alexa using IoT to have an Alexa command sent to the MKR Wifi 1010 that then pulls in a relay that actuates a 12v solenoid.


Power supply 1- FQCMOGU AL-1250, Input 100-240v 1.6a, Output 12v 5a
Power supply 2- Drok 15w DC/DC, Output 5v 3a
Microcontroller- Arduino MKR Wifi 1010
Relay- Songle SRD-05VDC-SL-C
Solenoid Valve- Beduan 12v

Here is a sketch of my original plan. Let me know any safeties/ protections I may have missed, calculations that do not make sense or if there is an easier/ better way. I have not order the hardware yet and want some people better at this than me to check it over before I do.