MKR Zero and Infineon's MEMS Microphone sensor "IM69D130" via I2S -> How to read audio from sensor and store it as .wav in micro-sd card?

Hi all,

i hope you can help me out here because this is super critical to me (writing my bachelor thesis right now). :smiley:

My setup consists of the Arduino MKR Zero and the Infineon's MEMS Microphone "IM69D130".
Links for the Microphone: ; GitHub - Infineon/IM69D130-Microphone-Shield2Go: Examples for Infineon's MEMS microphone based evaluation board IM69D130 Microphone Shield2Go for Arduino.

The IM69D130:

The MKR Zero is specialised on audio data and has I2S Bus. The IM69D130 also communicates via I2S.

My Questions:

  1. How is the correct pin matching?
    -> My solution so far:
    -> MKR Zero IM69D130
    -> SCK (pin 9) <-> I2S:CLK (or I2S:WCLK in my case because that is printed on it)
    -> MISO (pin 10) <-> I2S:DATA
    -> SS (e.g. pin 7) <-> I2S:BCLK
    -> Is this correct so far? And also: Is it correct that the SS (slave select) can take any not used/special pin (e.g. pin 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0)?

  2. How do I have to code the software in order to manage to successfully read audio data from the sensor and store that data via a .wav file (or other audio file formats) in the micro-sd card? Is there any already uploaded/shared sketch which exactly does that for me or any code you smart people can quickly suggest?

  3. For my application (which is a moving object with 2 m/s for about 20metres) i have to install this measurement setup on the system. Therefore i can not have my Arduino + sensor on a cable to my PC.
    Is it possible to upload my code via PC with normal micro-usb connection, then unplug the Arduino+sensor from that cable, plug the power bank micro-usb cable to my Arduino+sensor and have still a running audio capture? In case that this does not work -> Have you guys any other working solution?

I would appreciate your help and intelligence guys.
Best regards,
Jojo :smiley:

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