MKR Zero RAM possibilities

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to build a sampler for an electronic drum kit with the Arduino MKR Zero and I was wondering:

[u]-Is the 32kB SRAM of the MKR enough to load 8 wav samples at the same time?/u

[u]-If it's not possible, can I add a SRAM extension to the MKR?/u

[u]-If it's not possible either, do you think loading samples each time they are triggered from FLASH to SRAM memory will cause too much latency?/u

Thank you all for your time! cheers! :)

Is the 32kB SRAM of the MKR enough to load 8 wav samples at the same time?

No. Depending on the sample rate and the sample size, you have enough room for say 2 seconds of audio.

You do not load from flash into SRAM, you load from Flash and send it out directly to the A/D.

Moreover i would like to be able to modify in real time the Pitch, Volume and Panning of the sample.

That is a way too advanced project for you at the moment given the questions you are asking. I am not sure if it is even possible using the board you have. For example simply controlling the volume requires each sample to be multiplied by a floating point constant. This severely slows down the maxim sample rate you can get.

Controlling the pitch and speed at the same time is easy but controlling the pitch independent of sample playing time is not.