MKR1000 & arduino create

I am having some troubles making the mkr1000 being recognized by the macos and the arduino create, any ideas on how to get this working?

I also have that board and have been told that it is not supported yet on Arduino Create. We are asked to use the hourly builds version 1.6.8 IDE. I have also been asked that we keep our posts for the MKR1000 limited to the specific forum section designated for that board. Hope this info is helpful.

We will let you know as soon as the MKR1000 will be supported on the Arduino Create Editor, Thanks for your patience!

It worked a short while with MKR1000 in the end of February but the board support was removed? Reinstalled the latest agent and https certificate (Firefox, Win7) not working. The board is still in the list of previously connected boards however only shows the port number when connected and now asks to select any other board (MKR1000 no longer listed).

Even if it was only a temporary support for MKR1000 a simple LED sketch worked fine for me. Please update when support for the board is available again.

As soon as the board will be released to the public we will support it on Create too :slight_smile:
Thank you for your patience!

MKR1000 support can be enabled now :slight_smile:
The board is available in the shop and public forum released.

Happy Arduino Day!

MKR1000 is now supported on Arduino Web Editor!


Excellent! All four thumbs up on MKR1000 support :slight_smile: